Playing in the dirt and being outside has always played an essential role in our lives and we would say the best thing about growing up was that we could be outside playing, exploring, interacting, discovering, and learning from nature while developing our greatest passions! Today we have a term for this connection to nature, restorative therapy.

The Creative Director for Habitat Design is Leslie Campbell. Her love for the natural world led her to steward the earth as an environmental hydro geologist, a mother, an avid gardener, the owner of a horticultural steel company and finally a healthcare focused landscape designer and educator.

As designers and scientists, we are experiencing an increased understanding of the importance of and yearning for the integration of ecologically sound, safe and healthy naturalistic elements and spaces that offer us relief. Whether we are practitioners, patients or community members, Habitat Design partners would be delighted to provide you with the tools, the information and outcomes you desire.

At Habitat Design, we work with you to implement the latest findings from Evidence Based Design and our combined shared experience, into your environment so that you, your family, your colleagues, your community, will thrive, find solace in, and re-connect to your outdoor spaces while promoting safe and healthy landcare practices.

Our diverse array of partners ensures that we reach your individualized project objectives and goals. Please refer to our list of partners on our partners page for more information.

The opportunities to enjoy the outdoors are endless and it is our hope that together, we can create your individualized habitat in the most simple or most grand of ways.  In this way nature is there for you to enjoy as often as possible, in your own way through all the seasons and through all your years.